Sacca is an open collective of talent. Every team member is an independent entrepreneur in their own right with global titles under their belt. Listed here is our core team that help drive our projects.

DJ. Cooper


Founder of several media & marketing companies, DJC has a large portfolio of design and interface experience with global brands. DJC has focused on mobile since 2010 and has been involved in a multitude of social projects aimed at rewarding creators and bringing like-minded individuals together.

How can we inspire people to become creators again?

How can we bring people together that add value?

And how can we reward creators?

…These are the questions that keep me up at night.

Michael M. (aka M²)

Information Architect, Engineer

From 4k Nasa video to DirectTV, there’s a strong chance you’ve witnessed Michael’s global portfolio at work in your daily life. Michael is a pioneer pushing the boundaries of science and technology and the energy he brings to the table is a force of nature.

Ralf S.

Leader & Developer

Ralf launched a tech start-up that was later bought by one of the world’s largest I.T travel companies. Leadership and development skills combined give Ralf an edge to see technology for it’s boundaries and possibilities that gives any project a great advantage.

Thomas G.

Full Stack Developer

Thomas single-handedly coded the first Expedia Mobile App. An App that placed top of the Travel Category in the Apple App Store. Thomas has a history of development and project management that sets him aside from the rest.

Larissa R.

Lead Sales & Marketing

Larissa has decades of experience working in the sports & tourism industry and helps us create lasting relationships with our partners and clients. Lara’s hands-on approach to getting the job done right is a core ethos she lives by.

Andrew C.

Lead Film & Photographer

Andrew has worked for the largest TV companies & studios in Australia. His experience with drone footage, film and animation provides him with the experience needed to pull off world class video and photography for projects of any size and calibre.

Paul S.


Paul is an inspired young photographer with an incredible eye for perspective and capturing an entire story in a single frame. Paul grabbed our attention when some of his worked rocketed to the spotlight on Unsplash, with a single photo being viewed over 500,000 times. You can find Paul on Unsplash here, and over on Instagram here