9T Semantic

9T is a semantic social relevance engine that was built to demonstrate ingestion of any content type. Ontologies and tagging of content was developed, so that a user could navigate using an innovate approach to search that was visual and based on contextual relevance. Social media, interaction and advertising was then added as additional layers on top to create a truly innovative and pioneering social media platform. Included real-time semantic tagging on user chat. Patents were filled in the United States of America for the semantic relevance engine and most of the heavy lifting of this project was behind the scenes and backend architecture built to be frontend agnostic. To find out more about this closed-door project please contact us.

The tech

9T defines a hardware and software environment for a programmable information processing system. The system accepts lexical language word meanings and organizes a multiplicity of concurrent lexical based micro data that selectively structures the information for natural language based indexing, data storage, search, retrieval, processing, free form associations and presentation. This methodology provides high relevance searches with contextualization and relevance filter sets to traverse large data repositories.